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Raw Learning for Dogs
What a great name for a website.  And this lady "tells it like she think it is".
After the big scare last year, when we found out that some of our dog food companies were poisoning our dogs with products that they got from China, many folks were searching for answers on how to better feed their beloved "Furry Family Members".  I, too, became a quest to become more knowledgeable about feeding dogs.
Before I talk more about what I think, let me tell you about  my prejudices.
I don't believe that the best source for information about dog nutrition is a vet.  The last time I checked the average vet has 1 course in nutrition in vet school. So when they advertise that this product was formulated by a vet -  I cringe. (No hate mail, please.)
I also don't have blind faith in dog food producers.  I never feed the same feed all the time. I don't want the diet for  my dogs to be limited to the nuritional formula and practices of just one company.  Recalls on dog food and the ingredient list of foods used makes it hard for me to believe they have the health of our dogs as their goal.
This means  I am  always searching for a real unbias dog nutritionist.
I have always had an interest in feeding raw meat to dog which makes this website  (www.rawlearning.com) interesting to me.
I scanned over a lot of the information and my only initial objection is that she says that dogs are carnivores.  I think they are omnivores - meaning that they also eat  other things in addition to meat.
Personally, I do try to feed my dogs raw meat at least once week..  And I supplement their diet with bones - lots of raw bones. I steer away from commercial dog products which list corn as the first ingredient. In fact, I try and avoid the grains known to cause dog allergies.
Our human food supply is also  source of alot of unhealthy food products like trans-fats and  high fructose corn syrup. If profits are more important than human health, what must a dog's health be worth?  Scary thought, yes?